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Actuel Coaching : SEO project

Actuel Coaching is a personal coaching company that has recently launched its activity. 

The goal with Actuel Coaching, was to improve the user engagement, and the netlinking of the website.


-Creating a new engaging user experience
-Listing of keywords, and improving the textual content of the pages
-Implementing a backlink strategy


-Increased average engagement time per session
-Improvement of the site's referencing on the required keywords.
-Increase in the number of backlinks of the website and domain authority score.

Hôtel Odessa Montparnasse : SEA project

Odessa Hotel is a 3 star hotel located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. It suffered from the post-covid period, when the occupancy rate was only 10%.

The goal with Hotel Odessa was to improve the occupancy rate of the hotel for the following two months with a Google ads campaign.


-Setting up the campaign, listing the keywords, writing the ad, choosing the best bet strategy and audience
-Real-time monitoring and readjustment (based on Google statistics and recommendations)


-First month: 2,34K impressions - 500 clicks - 75 conversions
-Second month: 1,87K impressions. 250 clicks : 53 conversions -The hotel's occupancy rate went from 10% to 60%.

Coudre-Paris : SEO project

Coudre Paris is a store and an e-commerce that sells sewing machines and other sewing supplies.

The goals with Coudre Paris was to Improve the website’s ranking on Google and its traffic.


-Improved the content of product sheets
-optimization of the internal linking
-setting up robot.txt and sitemap files
- improved the backlinking of the website, etc ..


-Improved loading time -Decrease in bounce rate -Increased direct traffic to the site -Improved positioning of some product pages on Googl

Rahali Mouna Ikram.


Rahali Mouna Ikram